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Marquette in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

  Marquette (population: 21,355) is located along the southern shore of Lake Superior about 150 miles north of Green Bay, Wisconsin in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  Marquette is the home of Northern Michigan University and one of four Olympic training centers in the United States.  Marquette is also know for its beauty and all season recreation.  It's also a shipping port, supporting two active ore mines in the western third of the county.  Millions of tons of Hematite and Magnetite are processed and shipped through Marquette each year.  The controversial development of the Kennecott Eagle Minerals (Rio Tinto) underground nickel and copper ore mine continues.  This is a sulfide mining operation, and it's located on the Yellow Dog Plains in northern Marquette county.
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City Government    ( Public Works for Garbage-Recycling-Compost-Rubbish )
County Government    ( Household-Hazardous Waste )
County Travel  ~  Downtown Marquette  ~  Lake Superior Community Partnership
Marquette is the sister city of Kajaani, Finland, and Higashiomi (formerly Yokaichi), Japan.


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