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The Radio Room Solar Activity and Propagation

Solar flux is a measure of the intensity of solar radiation.
A number higher than 100 indicates better propagation on 20 thru 10 meters.
Solar Flux rarely affects 160 - 30 meters.
The A-index provides a daily average level for geomagnetic activity described as follows:
8 "quiet"; 15 "unsettled"; 24 "active"; 35 "minor storm"; 36 upwards "major storm".
A index is a measure of how unstable the K index has been.  A low number is best (1-6).
K-index quantifies disturbances in the horizontal component of earth's magnetic field.
Range is from 0 (quiet) to 9 (severely disturbed).  Zero or 1 is good.  2 is marginal.

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Northern Hemisphere Auroral Forecast
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HMI Magnetogram
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