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Broadcast/Short-Wave Station QSL Cards

  Daily monitoring of frequencies throughout the electro-magnetic spectrum has been going on for many years, and the activity is still strong today.  A very dedicated group of individuals, both young and old, continually scan the "bands" logging whatever they hear.
In January of 2012, Popular Communications magazine (Pop'Comm) started a new program to continue the tradition of past magazines and issue registration call-signs to these hobbyists.  WPC8UP was issued to me on February 20, 2012 after I sent in my application.
(As of February 2013, Pop'Comm has become a digital supplement to CQ Amateur Radio magazine.  However, I don't see Pop'Comm or monitoring data mentioned on CQ magazine's website.)
My first call-sign registration (WPE8EUM) was issued by Popular Electronics magazine in 1962.
To the right are a couple certificates that I worked on during the 60's.  Popular Electronics and Electronics Illustrated magazines had sections devoted to "DXing," and both offered rewards for various levels of listening achievement.  (The Popular Electronics column was "The Short-Wave Report," and the Electronics Illustrated column was "The Listener," which predated "The DX Club" of 1965.)

The columns were always filled with station frequency lists, and early on, since I only had a standard AM radio, I payed close attention to the AM broadcast band (BCB) listings.  I can remember being amazed that some of the foreign stations listed where actually being heard in North America on these frequencies.  I was happy just to hear a station from Mexico.
Probably my best AM broadcast band DX catch from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, was KNX in Los Angeles, California.  Of course, many of the stations I listened to were "clear channel" stations, but I did pick up a few smaller stations while their engineers performed frequency tests.

These tests were usually late on Sunday night or early Monday morning, and during these periods, the stations would run their maximum licensed power.  Sometimes the stations would turn off their directional antenna array and run omni, which would allow for better reception in the remote part of Michigan where I lived.

Below, are QSL card selections from both the standard AM broadcast band, and short-wave.

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Joe (AJ8MH - WPC8UP)

I have a blanked out copy of the original Popular Electronics WPE certificate.  I wanted one to display in my shack with my information, as my original was not suitable for framing.  These are not for sale and can not be used for commercial purposes.  However, you can e-mail me a request for the PNG file.
You should be familiar with manipulating graphics to add your personal data.  Also, the certificate does have to be reduced to print on a single sheet of paper.  When reduced, the certificate is suitable for framing.
( aj8mh-radio at charter dot net )

AM Broadcast Band QSL Cards
Callsign and Location Information

CBK     Owned by CBC in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
CBM     CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) Montreal
CBW     CBC Radio Canada from Winnipeg, Manitoba
CHML     Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
CKLW     Windsor, Ontario, Canada near Detroit, Michigan
KDKA     Group W from Pittsburgh first on-the-air November 2, 1920*
KNX     CBS at Columbia Square in Los Angeles, California
KSO     5KW Station in Des Moines, Iowa
WABC     From Broadway in New York City*
WBBM     Chicago's Showmanship Station
WBT     Radio's Southern Voice from Charlotte, NC
WBZ     Westinghouse Broadcasting from Boston*
WCAU     CBS from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
WCFL     The Voice of Labor - Big 10 WCFL - Chicago
WLS     The Bright Sound of Chicago Radio*
WHAM     Since 1922 from Rochester, New York (Night Jazz)
WHO     Clear Channel from Des Moines, Iowa
WOAI     San Antonio's Radio Outlet to the World
WOWO     Fort Wayne's WOWO - Westinghouse Broadcasting
WRVA     Serving Virginia and the Nation since 1925
WSB     The White Columns of Atlanta
WWL     Loyola University of the South in New Orleans

KDKA, WABC, WBZ, and WLS cards are courtesy of KA6TTV - I had these cards at one time, but glued them to a notebook in 6th grade, and I was never able to recover them.  Oh, well...

Short wave Broadcast QSL Cards
Country and Station Information

Albania     Foreign Language Department - Radio Tirana
Australia     Australian Broadcasting Commission - Melbourne
Belgium     ORU - Belgium National Broadcasting (SW Svc) - Brussels
Bulgaria     Radio Sofia (The Sofia University) - Bulgaria
Bonaire     Trans World Radio (TWR) - Evangelical Christian
Czechoslovakia     OLR - Radio Praha Czechoslovakia - Prague
Denmark     Shortwave Department of Radio Denmark - Copenhagen
Ecuador     HCJB Ecuador South America (External Svc)- Quito
Egypt     Egyptian Broadcasting Company - Cario
Finland     Finnish Broadcasting Company (External Svc) - Helsinki
Ghana     Ghana Broadcasting Corporation - Accra
Germany (West)     Deutsche Welle (West Germany 1969)- Koln
Holland     Radio Nederland - Hilversum
Italy     RAI - Radiotelevisione Italiana - Roma
Japan     NHK (Nippon Hoso Kyokai) - Tokyo
Moscow     USSR
Republic of China     The Voice of Free China - Taipei Taiwan
Sweden     International Svc Swedish Broadcasting - Stockholm
Tahiti     Office de Radiodiffusion - Papeete, Tahiti, South Pacific
Vatican     S Gabriel Telecommunications - Vatican

International Time Signal Station QSL Cards
Callsign and Location

CHU     Dominion Observatory - Ottawa, Canada
WWV     National Bureau of Standards - Boulder, Colorado
WWVH     National Bureau of Standards - Maui, Hawaii

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