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AJ8MH's Other Projects

1955 Hallicrafters R-46B Speaker
Heathkit VF-1/AT-1
1941 Echophone EC-1
Philco AC/DC
1955 Hallicrafters SX-99

Balanced L Network
Antenna Tuning Unit (ATU)

T Network Antenna Tuner

Shure 7SH Microphone

Signal Electric R-68 Code Practice Set
Signal Electric Model 112K

1961 Hallicrafters S-120 Receiver

KnightKit Span Master Regen Receiver

1954 Johnson Adventurer 6AG7/807 XMTR

L Network Antenna Tuner

Astatic 10C - EV - SBE - Astatic D104
Manhattan Electric Sounder and Key

Signal Electric R-63 Navy Type
Signal Electric M-100 Commercial

1949 Hallicrafters S-40A Receiver

1946 Hallicrafters S-38 Receiver

1959 Johnson Viking VFO - Model 122

L Network Antenna Tuner

Navy CTE Key

AT and T - Western Electric Key
Military J-38

Heathkit HW-101 Transceiver, HP-23
P/S, HM-102 Wattmeter, HD-10 Keyer

Heathkit HW-8 QRP Transceiver

1950 Hallicrafters S-77 AC/DC Receiver

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